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Turkey & Russia: First Negotiate in Good Faith

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By René Wadlow

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” was an insight of the classic Greek period.

There is obviously a form of madness in the Turks destroying a Russian fighter-bomber which may have entered Turkish air space along the frontier with Syria.  The Turkish authorities knew that the Russians were going to bomb in Syria and not attack Turkey. “Air space” is a relative concept in a frontier area. When the Russian plane crashed, it crashed in Syria.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) said the downing of a Russian plane by the Turkish military felt like “a stab in the back” to him, while his Turkish counterpart Reçep Tayyip Erdogan (right) claimed the plane ignored a formal warning from Turkey. Who’s right or wrong doesn’t really matter; the real question is whether the leaders of the two countries concerned really think that kind of conduct can possibly help resolve the dispute and not fuel it instead.

During the First World War, the French Prime Minister, George Clemenceau, said “War is too important to be left only to Generals”. Today, for the moment, the generals at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are meeting and the Russian generals are meeting on their own side. The political leaders are in contact. However, peacemaking is too important to be left only to political leaders who created the violence in the first place.


Under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, an attack on one Ally (NATO Member State) shall be considered an attack on all Allies. But in this very case, can Turkey prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was actually attacked by Russia?

There needs to be movements and efforts beyond and outside the governments in conflict to help bring about negotiations and a climate in which peace measures are possible.

As citizens of the world, we are particularly called to help create such a climate for negotiations in good faith. We know that violence can spread, and that mutual escalation can slip out of control. We need to use our worldwide links in a creative way to reduce tensions in the wider Middle East so that peace measures are possible.

Prof. René Wadlow is President of the Association of World Citizens.

Letter from the President and Officers of the Association of World Citizens to the President of the French Republic

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-- AWC-UN Geneva Logo --

November 14, 2015

* * *

Dear President Hollande,

The Association of World Citizens (AWC) wishes to extend its sincerest condolences to the French Republic for the tragic death of – at the time of writing – over 120 of its nationals in terror attacks in several parts of Paris, as a French-Germany football game was taking place at the Stade de France, even more people having been injured, some of them seriously. All our thoughts are with them.

Whatever the reason for which it may be used, terrorism is never justifiable or excusable, resorting to it being in every time and place, in the words of the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written by Frenchman René Cassin and adopted in your very own capital, “barbarous acts which (outrage) the conscience of mankind”.

We hear you have declared a state of emergency on all of France’s territory, a move that is all too understandable under these circumstances.

We are sure that the French Government will know how to protect its own people while remaining respectful of its domestic laws and international commitments, as is required in the fight against terrorism which is a full-fledged part of the fight for human rights.

We hereby express our wholehearted solidarity and moral support in the face of this new ordeal imposed onto the French people.

Please accept, Dear President Hollande, the assurances of our highest consideration

Prof. René Wadlow, President

Bernard Henry, External Relations Officer

Cherifa Maaoui, Liaison Officer – Middle East & North Africa

Noura Addad – Attorney at Law –, Legal Officer

Lettre du Président et des Officiers de l’Association of World Citizens au Président de la République française

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-- AWC-UN Geneva Logo --

Le 14 novembre 2015

* * *

Monsieur le Président de la République,

L’Association of World Citizens tient à présenter à la République française ses sincères condoléances pour la mort tragique de plus de cent vingt de ses citoyens – à l’heure où nous écrivons – dans des attaques terroristes en plusieurs endroits de Paris, en marge du match de football France-Allemagne au Stade de France, plus encore ayant été blessés, certains dont le pronostic vital est engagé. Toutes nos pensées les accompagnent.

Quelle que soit la raison pour laquelle il y est fait recours, jamais le terrorisme n’est justifiable ou excusable, ses manifestations étant toujours et partout, selon les termes du Préambule de la Déclaration universelle des Droits de l’Homme, œuvre du Français René CASSIN et qui fut adoptée dans votre capitale, des «actes de barbarie qui révoltent la conscience de l’humanité».

Nous entendons que vous avez annoncé la proclamation de l’état d’urgence sur tout le territoire français, mesure ô combien compréhensible en de telles circonstances.

Nous sommes certains que le Gouvernement français saura protéger son peuple tout en respectant ses propres lois et ses engagements internationaux, comme il se doit de la lutte contre le terrorisme qui fait partie intégrante de la lutte pour le respect des Droits de l’Homme.

Vous exprimant toute notre solidarité et tout notre soutien moral dans cette nouvelle épreuve imposée au peuple français,

Nous vous prions de croire, Monsieur le Président de la République, en l’assurance de notre très haute considération.

Prof. René Wadlow, Président

Bernard Henry, Officier des Relations Extérieures

Cherifa Maaoui, Officier de Liaison, Afrique du Nord & Moyen-Orient

Noura Addad – Avocat –, Officier juridique

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