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Welcome to our blog, Bienvenue sur notre blog!

Welcome to the official blog of the Association of World Citizens, a nongovernmental organization in Consultative Status with the United Nations (UN) and active in the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council.

Bienvenue sur le blog officiel de l’Association of World Citizens, organisation non-gouvernementale dotée du Statut Consultatif auprès de l’ONU et active au sein du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme.


  2. Having been a world citizen for most of my life, and having met many of the originators of the thought, the likes of Donald Keys, Garry Davis, Phillip Isely, Harry Lerner, Robert Muller, Gloria Crook, and many others at varying levels of activity, I am struck by how little information meets our media pundits, that pretend to inform people as to the possibilities that might be achieved if we were but educated as Global Citizens. These media are infected by an organism that does not allow them to look beyond their own limited world view. I would like to call into question the activities of people we see as leaders in their fields, yet are also poisoned by the same virus. I call upon Ted Turner, Tim Wirth, Bill Clinton, Gorg Kell, Don Tapscott, Steven Harper, Barack Obama, leaders that have their limited perceptions spoken at the UN, to waken to the possibilities of an awakened society, that is educated to be socially responsible.
    Without such an educational shift, it is reasonable to assume that we will poison the earth, sufficiently that our generation will destroy itself.
    Learn, what has taken so, long to recognize. Now is the time, and we have the technology to make the changes necessary. What we do not have is the political will to make the media bear some measure of responsibility that goes along with their right to freedom of speech.
    A spiritual war will not be won without education in global mindedness.
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