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With the Worlds Inside, Turning Exhilarating Life …

In Poetry on September 19, 2011 at 7:18 PM



By Lida Sherafatmand

AWC Artist for Peace



As the worlds turn inside,

The world of hell,

Where we want to die,


The world of hunger,

Where we don’t get enough,


The world of animality,

Where we fear

The stronger ones who bully,

The jungle of animals,


The world of anger,

Where we fight for supremacy

With aggression we move,


The world of tranquility,

Where we laze passive,


The world heaven,

Where we enjoy desires satisfied,

Our houses bought, our jobs given,


The world of learning,

Where we search meanings,

Knowledge to learn and discover,

But we get lonely there,


The world of realization,

Where we find wisdom

Reach insights,

But we get lost in intellect,


The world of compassion

Where we feel the pain of others,

Do all to help,

But lose energy and sink with those who suffer,


The world of holiness,

Where we feel freedom inside,

Happiness in the realities

Of daily life,

A flow of pure life force or consciousness;


When in leadership

The holiness world

Leads the right sides of the other worlds:


In the world of hell,

We understand the pains

And sufferance of people;


In the world hunger,

We drive for a better the world;


In the world of animality,

We strife to protect the weak;


In the world of anger,

We fight for justice;


In the world of tranquillity,

We regain our energies;


In the world of heaven,

We exhilarate being alive;


In the world of learning,

We learn from everyone;


In the world of realization

We digest our experiences;


In the world of compassion,

We devote ourselves

For the happiness of all,


In the world of holiness

We reach the core of life,

That harmony and force

Which keeps us alive,

Brings together the other nine worlds inside,

To lead and to live…


In the ten worlds inside,

What travel we do,

What turnings we lead,


In the ten worlds inside,

Let’s keep the holy world

The leader of all inside,

For all the ten worlds, to turn alive

Exhilarating happiness

Exhilarating life…


With the worlds inside,

Turning exhilarating happiness,

Exhilarating life…



Lida Sherafatmand

June 2011

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